Image of Mozambique church – A2

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Mozambique church – A2


"My greatest feat of travel has been an overland journey of more than 2000km; a gruelling 40+ hours in trucks, buses, chappa mini vans and on the back of motorbikes to reach the small island of Ilha de Moçambique on Mozambique’s northern coast. The small crescent shaped island is connected to the mainland by a 3km bridge, and is a melting pot of cultures; stemming from early Portuguese colonialists in the 15th Century, acting as a trading port for Persia and Arabia, having strong immigration ties to Macau and India, as well as integrated local Makua tribe culture. The island is a place where on cobbled street corners, you will find Islamic mosques and madrasas, Hindu temples, Catholic churches and a beautifully diverse way of life. " – Jonathon Collins

A2 print on Fujifilm luster paper